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Get Your Bathtub Replacement in Tinley Park & Chicago

Bathtub Replacement Chicago ILAre you looking to upgrade your bathtub or replace a tub that isn’t working well for you anymore? When you need bathtub replacement in Tinley Park, call us at Excel Bath. We have bathroom experts standing by, ready and waiting to help you get the tub you’ve always wanted. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ll make sure you get a quality tub and that it’s installed when you need it.

Bathtub Replacement

If your current bathtub isn’t working well for you anymore, we’ll help you get one that will do the job. Whether your tub is broken, leaking, has mineral deposits that won’t come off, or more, we’ll help you get what you need so you can bathe in comfort and peace again.

We’ll always recommend a bathtub replacement in Tinley Park or Chicago that conforms to our high standards, so you can be sure you’re getting a great product. In fact, we won’t recommend something we wouldn’t put in our own homes! We’ll also do our best to find a product that matches your current bathroom colors and decor, so you don’t have to remodel the whole room just to get a new tub.

Bathtub Installation

Are you putting in a new bathroom or looking to add a tub to an existing bath? We’ll help you get your bathtub installation in Tinley Park done quickly and easily. If you don’t already have a tub you want, we’ll help you choose one that meets all of your needs. Then, we’ll oversee the ordering, delivery, and installation of your new tub so you can be sure the job is done right. When you need a new bathtub installation in Tinley Park, call Excel Bath today.

Bathtub Remodel

Are you remodeling your bathroom or just looking to add a tub, or maybe a different kind of tub? We’ll help you get the bathtub of your dreams for your bathtub renovation in Tinley Park. Whether you want to put in a whirlpool tub in place of your regular tub or you want to take out a shower and put in a tub, we’ll get your bathtub remodeling in Tinley Park just the way you want it.

Call us for a consultation today. We’ll come out and let you know how much it will cost and how long it will take to get you the bathtub you’ve always wanted. We can help you choose between tubs, too, so your bathtub remodel in Tinley Park ends with you getting the luxurious tub you’ve always wanted. If you’re wanting to move features around in your bathroom, we’ll let you know how you can do that as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Call Excel Bath whenever you have questions about bathtubs in Tinley Park or the greater Chicago area. We’ll help you find the perfect tub for your space, your budget, and your desires, then get it installed, too! No matter what your bathtub replacement in Tinley Park requires, we’ll help you get the job done right!

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At Excel Bath, we take pride in the fact that we’ve been the preferred choice for quality home improvement with exceptional customer service throughout Chicago and the suburbs for nearly 40 years. Family owned and operated since 1977, our dedication to serving our valued customers landed our company an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and multiple service awards. Excel Bath does not stop at the point of sale, or even the point of installation.