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Change Your Bathroom in Chicago

a bathroom remodel in chicago

Do you want to upgrade your bathroom in Chicago, or maybe you need to change some features because they aren’t working or they aren’t working for you. Call us at Excel Bath whenever you need to work on your bathroom. We’ll help you choose pieces that will work perfectly for you and that fit your desires for both form and function.

Bathroom Remodeling & Replacement

We specialize in bathroom remodeling in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Call us whenever you want to upgrade your bathroom, make it more accessible, or change your aesthetics. We’ll help you make the changes you want so you can make your current house just a little bit more like your dream house. We’ll work with you to get the perfect pieces in each part of your bathroom so it can be ultimately functional for you.

Do you need to do a bathroom replacement in Chicago? We’ll help you gut your current bathroom and put in pieces that will work for you and your family for a long, long time. If you want to move components around, we can help you get that done, too. We’ll help you make your bathroom a great addition to your home.

Walk-In Baths

Do you need to install a walk-in tub so that you or a loved one can age in place, rather than having to go to a nursing home or an assisted living facility? We’ll get your walk-in bath installation in Chicago finished as soon as possible so that there’s less risk of injury and bathing is easier. We’ll help you choose the perfect walk-in bath for your bathroom situation, too, so you don’t have to worry about tearing the whole thing apart just to get your new tub in place.

Bath Conversions

Do you have a shower but you want a bathtub or vice versa? We can do your bath to shower conversion in Chicago (or your shower to bath conversion) so that you can use your bathroom the way you want to once again. We’ll help you choose pieces that fit in your allotted space, or we’ll talk to you about how to get more space so you can get the shower or bath that you want or need. Whether you’re doing a shower to bath conversion in Chicago or moving from a bath to a shower, we’ll make the process as smooth and easy as we can!

Call Excel Bath whenever you want personalized service for your bathroom upgrade or for the changes you’re trying to make at home. We’ll come to your home, assess your needs and desires, then work with you to get you a bathroom that will be good for you. We’ll help you work within your budget, too, so you don’t have to feel stressed out about money while doing your upgrade or renovation.

Find out why so many people in Chicago call Excel for all of their bathroom needs. Make your appointment with one of our bathroom experts today!

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At Excel Bath, we take pride in the fact that we’ve been the preferred choice for quality home improvement with exceptional customer service throughout Chicago and the suburbs for nearly 40 years. Family owned and operated since 1977, our dedication to serving our valued customers landed our company an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and multiple service awards. Excel Bath does not stop at the point of sale, or even the point of installation.